Just BARE® is true to its name. All Natural, Clean Label, premium quality chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever that meets the higher standards of a growing segment of mindful consumers who not only think about the food they eat at home but also when dining out.

Just BARE® Chicken is Pilgrim’s® new – exclusively – All Natural, premium NAE brand with  30+ products offered in multiple forms and price points for solutions across your menu. From breaded fillets and patties to boneless wings and nuggets, we offer convenient, delicious and healthy product solutions throughout your operation. More than ever, consumers want real food made with clean, simple ingredients and Just BARE® Chicken is here to help you meet the demand.

Features & Benefits

All products in the Just BARE® Chicken portfolio are 100% All Natural, Clean Label, made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients and chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever

  • Health-Conscious – No Antibiotics Ever, No Added Hormones*, Clean Label products
  • Minimal, Simple – 100% All Natural*, no artificial ingredients
  • Value – Products available at a variety of price points in top-selling breading profiles and flavors
  • Performance – Consistency back of house with handmade appearance, flavor and texture
  • Variety of Cooking Options – Convection oven and fryer re-con
  • Food Safety – Variety of fully cooked products virtually eliminates the risk of serving undercooked product

*All Natural as defined by USDA is minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.  No preservatives.
*Federal Regulations prohibit the use of added hormones or steroids in chicken.